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Foreign Direct Investment

AllBright provides a wide range of enterprises with foreign direct investment legal services in China. Our clients include wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative ventures, joint stock companies with foreign investment, foreign investment companies, foreign-invested partnerships and other legal entities established in or expanded to China. Today, AllBright’s experience in the traditional service area of foreign direct investment covers almost all areas of business, ranging from real estate, finance, securities, insurance, construction, materials, machinery, chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, automobiles, integrated circuits, electronics, telecommunications, media, Internet, logistics, transportation to infrastructure. 

In foreign direct investment, multiple parties are expected to work together. However, parties may speak different languages, share different cultures, follow different business philosophies and have different business expectations and goals. Therefore, when designing frameworks, investors need professional guidance from consultants who speak multiple languages, are familiar with different cultures and possess a wide range of experience. We fully understand clients’ ambition to start new businesses in China in order to grasp business opportunities at an early stage. Thus, our lawyers work closely with clients’ investment banks and financial advisors to prevent misunderstandings, overcome differences and even break through deadlocks between parties in joint ventures. As a pioneer in the area of foreign direct investment, AllBright provides outstanding services and has already helped many clients conduct their businesses in China smoothly and explore the Chinese market. We provide clients with comprehensive investment guidance to establish investment entities and design business structure. After entities are established, we provide on-going legal services, such as annual legal services.