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Roy J. Luo is a partner at AllBright Law Offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. His practice areas include construction and real estate, corporate asset restructuring, project investment, and dispute resolution. Mr. Luo has spent nearly two decades in practice focusing on real estate matters.He has served his clients for issues regarding enterprise asset restructuring, transfer of equity rights, establishment of project companies, negotiations, due diligence, lawyer’s testimony, provision of legal opinions, fund supervision, contract review, regulations and project management, bidding and tendering, and eviction. In addition, Mr. Luo has acted as a project or corporate legal counsel for multiple large investment companies and real estate companies domestically and abroad. These projects have dealt with matters involving basic infrastructure, residential blocks, shopping malls, industrial and office buildings. Prior to joining AllBright, Mr. Luo was a law lecturer at the East China Institute of Politics and Law and Shanghai Ocean University. He also served as the director of several prominent Shanghai law firms. Mr. Luo's achievements were widely reported by domestic and overseas media and have also been recorded in the book,Famous Real Estate Lawyers in Shanghai, which was published by the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Mr. Luo has published multiple books over the span of his career, including: Operating Procedures of Project Supervision and Legal Tracking Services for Property Development (Ref. No 09-2001-A-009) Legal Guidelines for Property Development (VCD) (Ref. No 09-2001-A-008) Property Pre-sale Administration Procedures (Ref. No 09-2003-A-009) Working Manual for Engineering Project Management (Ref. No 09-2004-A-042) A Manual for Project Management (Ref. No 09-2004-A-043) Other publications as Chief Editor: Legal Practice of Real Estate 200 QA for Property Purchase 200 QA for Property Leasing Litigation Practice of Real Estate 200 QAs for Home Decoration Other publications as co-writer 200 QAs for Home Decoration Arbitration and Litigation Practice of Labor disputes Litigation Practice of Torts Litigation Practice of Loans, Financing Leases, and Insurance Contracts Litigation Practice of Intellectual Property Litigation Practice of Guaranty Contracts Mr. Luo has also published more than fifty articles on theJieFang Daily,China Construction News,Real Estate Times,Construction Times,Shanghai Legal Daily,New Real Estate,Shanghai Lawyer, andShanghai Legal Journal. In 2005, he was the regular columnist for “Lawyer's Comment on Real Estate” for theReal Estate Times, and since 2006, he has been the real estate and construction column editor of thePeople.com.cn Shanghai website. Mr. Luo graduated from the Law Department of East China Institute of Politics and Law with a LL.B. in 1986. Mr. Luo is a member of Shanghai Institute of Laws and the 93 Scholars' Association. Mr. Luo is a practicing lawyer in China. His working languages are Mandarin and English.

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