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Heng Gao (Lawyer) possesses a professional background in law and accounting, with many years of experience working in the judiciary, and serves as a part-time arbitrator at the Xi'an Employment Arbitration Commission, bringing extensive experience in civil and commercial judicial practice. Over the years, his rich experience in judicial practice and profound legal knowledge have enabled Heng to successfully handle numerous litigation and non-litigation legal matters while working as a full-time lawyer. Collaborating with a team of lawyers, he has provided legal services to numerous listed companies, Fortune Global 500 members, government agencies, and major Chinese enterprises, earning trust and praises from the companies he serves.

In the field of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, Heng has participated in numerous restructuring and merger projects as well as real estate and acquisition projects. In the construction engineering and real estate fields, he has long been involved in providing full-cycle legal services including land pre-development, demolition and resettlement, urban village renovation, real estate project development, construction, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as participating in project framework design, due diligence, tax planning, and project construction approval compliance reviews. In the field of dispute resolution, Heng excels in providing efficient and reliable strategies and practical solutions to clients, having handled hundreds of civil and commercial disputes since the start of his practice.

Office: Xi’an
Tel: 029-8984 0840
Working Language: Chinese

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