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Lawyer Chen's main fields of practice are fund business, equity investment and intellectual property protection. Lawyer Chen is familiar with the whole process of private fund raising, investment, management and withdrawal and public fund operation process. Lawyer Chen is also familiar with the application and protection of copyright, trademark right, patent right and trade secret. Lawyer Chen is specialized in corporate mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights and other aspects of the legal business and the corresponding commercial litigation and arbitration. Lawyer Chen provides legal services such as due diligence of equity investment, issuance of legal opinions and drafting and auditing of transaction documents for a number of private equity funds.

Lawyer Chen represented a large number of lawsuits and arbitration cases, including trademark infringement disputes between famous Korean clothing brands and a well-known online trading platform, trade secret infringement disputes between a famous domestic chemical enterprise and similar American chemical enterprises. The two cases were included in the top ten intellectual property cases of the Supreme People's Court of China in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Lawyer Chen has effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the clients.

Educational Background

  • Northwest University of Politics and Law    Bachelor of Law    2001.09.01——2005.07.01
  • Fudan University    Master of Law    2006.09.01——2009.07.01

Work Experience

  • Partner/Solicitor    Allbright Law Offices Shanghai Head Office    2009.03.01——Now


  • Allbright Law Offices Lawyer provided legal services for Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Capital (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jinshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance Fund;
  • Allbright Law Offices Lawyer successfully acted for infringement of technical secrets of Union Brother (China) Co., Ltd;
  • Allbright Law Offices Lawyer won the lawsuit on behalf of foreign trade secret infringement.


  • The Impact of 《Interim Measures for the Administration of Value-preserving and Value-added Investment Activities of Charitable Organizations》 on the Investment Activities of Charitable Organizations

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