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The practice areas of Ms. Guo include Family Affairs Dispute Resolution, Family Wealth Management and Inheritance, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Commercial Arbitration.

Ms. Guo is experienced in the field of family affairs, and her representative litigation cases include: represented several divorce disputes for the billionaires at the Forbes World's Billionaires list and Hurun Report, handling a series of divorce disputes involving the actual controllers of listed companies, handling a series of foreign-related family disputes and division of family assets involving the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries in connection with division of real estate and equity, dealing with billions of inheritance affairs of a family, dealing with a major and difficult inheritance dispute involving Hong Kong, etc. Ms. Guo specializes in properly resolving family disputes by mediation, trying to reduce the impact of family contradictions for the parties, and has won unanimous praise from the parties.

In the field of Family Wealth Management and Inheritance, Ms. Guo provides professional family wealth inheritance services for many ultra-high net worth individuals, and was rated as the Recommended Private Wealth Management Lawyer by the international authoritative legal rating agency“Chambers and Partners”“The Legal 500” and“LEGALBAND”.

Ms. Guo is also experienced in the governance of listed companies and joint-stock companies. She provides professional legal services for many enterprises and serves as a private lawyer for many family enterprises. She is committed to providing warm and valuable professional legal services to her clients.

Office: Shenzhen | Shanghai
Tel: 0755-8281 6616
Working Language: Chinese|English

Social Titles

  • The deputy director of the Marriage and Family Law Committee of All China Lawyers Association(ACLA)
  • The deputy director of Marriage and Family Law Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association
  • The arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
  • The arbitrator of Shantou Arbitration Commission
  • The international mediation tutor of the International Institute for Dispute Resolution and Negotiation
  • The internationally recognized professional mediator of Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center
  • The Mediation Expert of Shenzhen Civil and Commercial Mediation Center
  • The Expert in Expert Database for Guangdong Civil Legal Affair
  • The Teacher Enrolled in the Law College of Guangdong Lawyers Association and South China Normal University
  • The Representative of the 6th and the 8th People's Congress of Futian Shenzhen
  • The Deputy Director of the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the Standing Committee of the 6th People's Congress of Futian Shenzhen
  • The member of the Supervision and Judicial Committee of the 8th People's Congress of Futian Shenzhen
  • The Selected Lawyer of Administrator of Shenzhen Bar Association (First Batch)

Honorary Titles

  • Recognized as the "Recommended Private Wealth Management Lawyer" by Chambers and Partners, a Leading International Legal Rating Agency(2022)
  • Rated as the “Recommended Private Wealth Management Lawyer” by The Legal 500, an International Authoritative Legal Rating Agency (2022、2021)
  • Ranked in "Top 15 China Lawyers: Family Wealth Management" Published by LEGALBAND, an Internationally Renowned Legal Rating Agency (2022)
  • Awarded "Shenzhen Outstanding Female Lawyer" by Shenzhen Lawyers Association (2022)
  • Honored as One of the Top Ten “Excellent Professional Lawyers” by Shenzhen Lawyers Association in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening up and 30th Anniversary of Establishment of Shenzhen Lawyers Association (2018)
  • Named " Shenzhen Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers" by Shenzhen Judicial Bureau (2012)

Transaction Case

  • AllBright successfully represents the founding shareholder of a listed company in a series of case concerning the dispute over entrusted holding of equity interest
  • ALLBright lawyers successfully handled a major arbitration dispute over convertible equity
  • AllBright lawyers successfully handled a landmark arbitration case involving private equity investments and valuation adjustment mechanism
  • AllBright lawyers handled a difficult case on disputes over unjust enrichment, which was supported by Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court, and the money involved in the case has been fully paid and all economic losses have been recovered
  • AllBright lawyers handled a difficult infringement case involving Hong Kong equity investment is supported by the final judgment of Guangdong High Court

Professional Articles

  • Impact and Trends on Marriage and Family Business under the New Situation
  • Jurisdiction and Application of Law in Hong Kong-related Marriage Cases
  • Several Details for Lawyers to Be Mindful of in Undertaking Family Business
  • How to Make Emergency Plan for Family Affairs During Epidemic Prevention Period
  • Legislative Improvement of the Order of Distribution of Heritage
  • How to Divide Real Estate for joint repayment of loan in divorce-- Analysis and Improvement of Specific Calculation Formula
  • Interpretations of New Highlights of the Civil Procedure Law
  • Causes of Domestic Violence and Measures of Prevention
  • The Legislative Perfection and Innovation of Chinese Heritage Executor System
  • Legislative Suggestions on Expanding the Scope of the Statutory Successors
  • The Improvement of the Minors Protection Mechanism
  • The Proper Application of Effective Foreign Divorce Decrees and the Corresponding Evidence Collection – Concerning Foreign-related Property Disputes after Divorce
  • On the Conflict of Law in Foreign-related Marriage and Family Cases
  • Trial Discussion on the Improvement and Innovation of Legislation on the System of Testamentary Executors from the Enterprise Bankruptcy Manager System and the Hong Kong Legacy Agent System
  • Comment and Analysis on the Article of the Supreme Court of the People's Republic of China on "Calculating the Co-repayment and Value Added of Real Estate in Marriage

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