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Boris Armstrong Qi

Senior Partner

As an Intellectual Property Expert and Thomson Reuters 2018 ALB Top 15 IP Lawyers in China, Dr. Boris Armstrong Qi graduated from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University with a full-time Ph.D degree in Strategic Management and International Business field and received EMBA degree in CEIBS.

Dr. Qi is currently a special lecturer for the course of Intellectual Property Management at East China University of Political Science and Law, which is a mandatory course for Academic Master’s degree in the School of Intellectual Property, a Professor of Management and Practice at the Sungkyunkwan University of Korea, a Senior Partner of AllBright. He served as the Legal Director and Chief Legal Counsel in Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. from 2014 to 2016.

Dr. Qi is committed to the interdisciplinary integration of law and management. Deeply cultivated in the field of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Research and Practice, he is an expert in developing companies IP strategies and providing legal and advisory services in innovative areas.

Dr. Qi specializes in litigation, arbitration in areas of: IP (including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets), Enterprise Intellectual Property Management, International Trade, Asset Acquisition and Restructuring, Company Legal Counseling, and the Belt and Road Initiative projects and other non-litigation legal services. His expertise in IP strategies and legal and advisory services among innovative areas have made him fully experienced in dealing with different types of companies.

Dr. Qi has a long-standing reputation of providing legal services to Fortune Global 500 companies, government agencies, public institutions, large multinational companies, state-owned enterprises and growing private enterprises in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Semi-conductor, culture and entertainment, government affairs, and national defense and military industry. He has provided legal services to a number of Science and Innovation Board listed companies as well.

Dr. Qi represented a case over the infringement of the broadcasting organizations rights related to the series of channels of CCTV, which is the largest intellectual property civil case of Anhui Province, the subject matter amount of this case is up to RMB 130 million.

The dispute over the trademark and the corporate name of Woodhead International Pty. Ltd. (an Australian architecture firm) and the dispute over the infringement of the patent rights of the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo that Dr. Qi represented were recognized by the Shanghai High People’s Court as two of the Top 10 IP Judicial Protection Cases of Shanghai Courts in 2010. The dispute over the infringement of the patent rights of the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo was also selected by the Supreme People’s Court as first case among the Top 10 IP Judicial Protection Cases of Chinese Courts in 2010.


  • From 1995-09 to 1999-07 The PLA Strategic Support Force Information Engineering University, Bachelor’s Degree
  • From 2008-09 to 2011-07 Fudan University, Master’s Degree
  • From 2010-09 to 2012-09 China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), EMBA
  • From 2012-09 to 2018-07 Peking University, Ph.D.


  • From 1999-08 to 2001-03 China PLA General Political Department, English Translator
  • From 2001-03 to 2002-01 People’s Court, Judge
  • From 2002-01 to 2004-08 Military Court, Judge
  • From 2004-08 to 2005-12 Kangda Law Firm (Qingdao Office), Apprentice Lawyer
  • From 2005-10 until now AllBright Law Offices (Shanghai, Headquarter), Senior Partner/Lawyer
  • From 2014-03 to 2016-05 Chief Legal Counsel and Group Legal Director in Geely Holding Group (Zhejiang)


  • Special Lecturer for Intellectual Property Management at School of Intellectual Property, East China University of Political Science and Law (an Academic Master’s Mandatory Course)
  • Professor of Management and Practice at the Sungkyunkwan University of Korea
  • Mediation Lawyer of Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People’s Court
  • Specially Invited Mediator of Pudong Professional Mediation Center
  • Arbitrator of Beihai Court of International Arbitration
  • Arbitrator of Hainan International Arbitration Court
  • Arbitrator of Zibo Arbitration Commission
  • Legal Counsel of International Association of Story-telling & Story-singing Art
  • Consultant for Guizhou Industry Investment Promotion Think Tank
  • Researcher of Hong Kong Institute of Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IOGEI)
  • Legal Expert of Vistage
  • Deputy Secretary General of CEIBS International Trade and IP Protection Association
  • Vice President of CEIBS Automobile Alumni Association


  • 2018-03 Shanghai Bureau of Justice, Official Notice of Commendation
  • 2018-12 Thomson Reuters 2018 ALB Top 15 IP Lawyers in China


  • Permanent Legal Adviser for Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


  • Patent Infringement Remedy Strategy from Qualcomm vs. Apple: Interim Injunction Will Stop Loss or Cause Loss?
  • Research on Big Data of Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases in China from 2010 to 2016

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