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Sam Qu is a partner at AllBright Law Offices in Chongqing. His practice areas include intellectual property, dispute resolution, and securities and capital markets. Mr. Qu focuses his practice on intellectual property, foreign-related commercial affairs, corporate restructuring, and litigation and arbitration. He has handled more than one hundred cases including corporate bankruptcy, intellectual property infringement, technical cooperation and project finance. He serves as a legal counsel for governments, large enterprises, and public institutions. Mr. Qu previously served as deputy director of a law firm in Chongqing, a legislative assistant of the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal People's Congress, and as a teacher at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. and currently serves as a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of Chongqing Bar Association and as an arbitrator for the China Chongqing Arbitration Commission. Mr.Qu has published several academic papers in recent years, including: My Humble Opinion on the Impact of the TRIMS Agreement on China's Overseas Direct Investment On the Development of Regional International Economic Law The Conversion of Premarital Personal Property of Married Couples Into Common Property From the Perspective of Buying A House on Mortgage Reflections on Legal CulturesUnder the Doctrine ofthe Most Significant Relationship and On the Defects of Foreign-Related Provisions of Contract Law and Their Improvement In addition to publishing papers,Mr. Qu also participated in the amendment and assessment of some important laws and regulations in Chongqing, such as Chongqing Municipal Regulationson Appointment and Removal of Personnel of Standing Committees of People's Congresses at All Levels Chongqing Municipal Energy Conservation Ordinance Measures of Chongqing Municipality for the Implementation of the Measures of Chongqing Municipality for the Implementation of the Chongqing Municipal Regulationson the Sale and Management of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Chongqing Municipal Regulationson Protection of Computer Information System Security Chongqing Municipal Regulationson Religious Affairs Chongqing Municipality Regulationson Road Transportation Management Chongqing Municipal OrdinanceBanning Prostitution And Whoring Chongqing Municipal OrdinanceBanning Gambling Chongqing Municipal Regulationson Salt Administration Measures of Chongqing Municipality for Clearance Management of Military Airports Mr. Qu obtained his LL.B. from Nanjing University in 1998 and obtained his LL.M. from the Northwest University of Politics and Law in 2004. Mr. Qu is a practicing lawyer in China. His working languages are Mandarin and English.

Office: Chongqing
Tel: 023-8895 1999
Working Language: Chinese|English

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