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Stone Shi is a partner at AllBright Law Offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Mr. Shi’s main areas of practice include Funds and Capital Market, Tax Saving Planning, and Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Shi’s cases and representations include:

1. Funds and Capital Market:

Acting as a long-term legal counsel, provide full-range legal services to a FOF supervised by Shanghai Municipal Government, and to a FOF supervised by Shanghai Development and Reform Commission; acting for several industry funds in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, YunNan Province and Sichuan Province, totally raised funds over 100 billion RMB; acting for tens of funds managers in China and globally, in terms of formation of funds, investments and dispute resolutions. In addition, Mr. Shi is one of five PE secondary market expert consultants nominated by Beijing Financial Asset Exchange.

In addition, acting for several large investment and asset management branches of Insurance Group, in terms of due diligence, legal documents draft, formation of project fund or other investment platform, business negotiation and dispute resolution; acting for some large Stated-Owned investment Enterprises or private asset management or investment group, in terms of full-range legal services; additionally, acting for about ten Trust Companies, as well as some Asset Management Companies and other asset management platforms, in terms of legal transaction structure and documents draft and other legal services.

Also, as to M&A, representing an iron ore group company headquartered in Hong Kong in connection with the acquisition of an iron ore listing company based in Peru; acting for a Shanghai holding group company in connection with the acquisition of an iron ore company based in South Africa; acting for a group company based in Zhejiang Province in connection with the acquisition of a well-known textile company based in Germany.

2. Tax Saving Planning:

Based on thorough grasp of China tax law system and tax collection and regulation regime, utilizing advantages of funds and asset management vehicles in tax, and making use of difference of tax preferences in different areas and nations, Mr. Shi is acting for fund manager, investment company, large and medium-size enterprise and high net worth individual in tax planning, under the scope of laws and regulations, to achieve tax-saving results to benefit various business entities by enlarging their actual income.

3. Dispute Resolution:

Acting as a legal counsel for Funds, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Companies and large investment companies, Mr. Shi not only provides non-litigation legal services, such as deal structure design, legal documents draft and business negotiation, but also delivers mediation, litigation, arbitration and other comprehensive dispute resolution legal services.

In addition, regarding international trade and investment, representing a large ore import and export group company in connection with an international arbitration dispute against a world-class ore company based in Brazil; as retained legal counsel for the Shanghai branch of a Belgian steel company, handling many steel import and export disputes; acting for a German trade company, handling an international trade dispute with this company’s biggest Chinese export supplier.

Mr. Shi has also been invited to Shanghai Jiao Tong University to address practical issues of funds, capital market, tax and dispute resolution as a practical expert. Mr. Shi previously served as an associate professor and postgraduate mentor at the Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and the Secretary General of Chinese A Law Research Center at the Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Mr. Shi was also a teacher at East China University of Political Science and Law.

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