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Declaration of concentration by business operators: AllBright assesses whether the transaction requires anti-monopoly declaration, assists clients in formulating merger and acquisition strategies and filing declaration of concentration of operators, assists enterprises in responding to investigations of non-declaration in accordance with the law , and coordinating cross-judicial regions.

Anti-monopoly compliance and consultancy: AllBright provides anti-monopoly compliance advice for clients involving various horizontal and vertical commercial agreements (including cooperation agreements, joint development agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, supply agreements, etc.), provides compliance consultation on market dominance issues, builds a complete anti-monopoly compliance system for enterprises, formulates compliance programs related to anti-monopoly law for enterprises, and provides anti-monopoly law training for enterprise employees .

Antitrust investigation: AllBright provides legal services for enterprises to respond to antitrust investigations by law enforcement agencies.

Anti-monopoly litigation: AllBright represents civil litigation, administrative litigation and administrative reconsideration involving anti-monopoly law.