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Corporate Listing and Follow-Up Services

AllBright, taking advantage of its leading position in  capital markets, provide tailored guidance for leading and emerging companies in the energy industry and efficiently work with exchanges, securities companies and major intermediaries to improve the declaration and production of legal materials for the issuance. We assist companies in communicating with the market administration and tax administrations on specific steps such as equity transfer, capital increase and share expansion, pricing and payment, etc. We also help them make adjustments and arrangements regarding related parties and related relationships, standardize transactions with related parties, and solve existing or potential issues of horizontal competition. We assist companies to draft and produce a serious of regulations, rules and other necessary legal documents about the governance and the standardized operation of companies to be listed, and finally help them choose the appropriate issuance method given the actual need of our clients. Besides, AllBright provide all-round services for listed companies in the energy industry, including M&A of listed companies, major asset restructuring, private placement and equity incentive, etc.