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"The automobile and equipment manufacturing industry" is a pillar of the global economy, one of the most critical industries. The automobile industry is the only large and complex industrial product worldwide characterized by tens of thousands of components, tens of millions of yields, and hundreds of millions of inventories. The automobile industry is known as the "industry of industry." It has extensive backward and forward linkage with other national economic sectors and solid pulling effects on the abundant upstream and downstream industries. The popularization of intelligent networked cars has posed a brand-new challenge to legal services, considering the rapid development of automobile-related technologies, the new industry ecology, and the reshaping of the value chain, as well as the comprehensive fusion of the automobile industry with the Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies. It takes work to satisfy customers' ever-changing needs by adhering to the original mindset and providing legal services in the conventional sense. The Allbrightlaw Automobile and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Committee is advancing, breaking through the traditional thinking mode, comprehending innovative technology, and providing more professional legal services.

Taking the industry as its grip and mobilizing advantageous professional resources, Allbrightlaw (hereinafter referred to as ABL) is deeply attuned to the automobile industry and profoundly participates in the legal services of the automobile industry in the new era of electrified, intelligentized, internet-connected, and shared automobile industry, providing new legal service differentiated from the tradition ones. ABL has assembled many well-known clients, including automobile enterprises and global suppliers, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and a good reputation in related fields.

As a leading firm in China, ABL has a group of outstanding lawyers with excellent reputations in the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, with years of experience accumulated in the industry, our industry experts can accurately understand Chinese and global automobile enterprises' legal needs, operation modes, and industry development trends and can provide comprehensive, full-process, and one-stop legal services to clients from the automotive and equipment manufacturing industry, which covers a wide range of different industries. The Automobile and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Committee members are partners and lawyers with outstanding influence in the capital market, IP, data compliance, litigation, and other specialized areas. Services include project construction, investment and financing, qualification access for new energy vehicle enterprises, intelligent networks, data compliance, antitrust, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights (including technology licensing), labor and personnel, etc.