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Mr. Jin began to practice in AllBright Law Offices in 2012, and concentrated his practice on arbitration concerning foreign affairs(includes international trade, cross-border investment, Chinese businesses to Korean investment, intellectual property disputes), foreign direct investment, M&A, human resource management and other fields with a wealth of experience. Mr. Jin has provided the Chinese legal consulting for many Korean and Japanese multinational companies.

Mr. Jin’s main lawsuits includes:
●Korean S Company and Chinese 5 insurance Company’s insurance subrogation claim lawsuit (the largest single accident insurance compensation case in Asia);
●The factoring contract disputes of Korean E-mart and Bank of Communications;
●The "Zhonghua" trademark anti-counterfeiting case of Shanghai tobacco group company in Korea (The first case of "Zhonghua" trademark anti-counterfeiting overseas);
●More than ten lawsuits and HKIAC arbitration of domestic enforcement cases about joint venture disputes of Korean P company and Chinese Z company;
●The CIETAC arbitration about international trade disputes of Korean S company and Chinese company;
●The CIETAC arbitration about equity transfer disputes of Korean E-mart and Chinese Y company;
●The arbitration project of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Commission of Chinese L company and Korean D company;
●The contract dispute of Korean H company with Chinese S and L company;
●The contract dispute of Korean R company with Chinese P company and Taiwan company.

Mr. Jin’s main Non-litigation projects:
●Advising Qingdao Double Star(Securities code:000599) on its acquisition of Kumho Tire in South Korea(the largest M&A transaction in South Korea in 2008);
●Korean investment and Chinese structural restructuring project of Chinese R Entertainment Group; ●Chinese battery manufacturing factory, diaphragm factory, parts factory and certification center factory construction project of Korean SKI;
●The equity transfer project of Korean R company and B company;
●The liquidation of Korean E-mart’s five legal person branch in Tianjin and three in Shanghai;
●The liquidation and bankruptcy case of Chongqing and Liaoning auto parts production company of Korean S company;
●The joint venture project of Korean SK General Chemical and TCL;
●The joint venture project of Korean SK General Chemical and STL;
●The equity acquisition project of Shandong Donghua Cement company and Indian-funded cement company;
●The equity acquisition project of Korean Nexen Tire and Xuzhou Xulun Rubber company;
●The domestic joint venture department store investment project of Korean Eland Group and Parkson;
●The equity acquisition project of Japanese Daicel company and Chinese chemical company;
●IDG fund investment project of medical equipment in China;
●The joint venture private equity fund establishment project of Korean KIP and Zhangjiagang Government;


  • 1994.09.01-1998.07.01    Jilin University, Bachelor of Law
  • 1998.09.01-2001.07.01    Jilin University, Master of Law
  • 2003.04.01-2005.03.01    Hokkaido University, Master of Law
  • 2005.04.01-2008.03.01    Hokkaido University, Doctor of Law (Business Law)


  • 2006.04.01-2008.03.01    Japanese Academic Promotion Association,Special researcher (Intellectual Property)
  • 2008.05.20-2011.12.31    East China University of Political Science and Law, Teacher
  • 2012.07.01-Now    AllBright Law Offices, Senior Partner Attorney-Law


  • 2020, “Acritas Stars”

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