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AllBright Partner Dr. Amy Fang Ye Publishes Two English Articles in LexisNexis


AllBright Partner Dr. Amy Fang Ye recently published the following two English articles in LexisNexis: “An Analysis of the Conflict in Chinese Property Law: Eminent Domain Powers Versus Real Property Rights” and “Analysis of Conflicts between Land Zoning Power and Land Development Rights in China.” The first article evaluates the status quo regarding conflicts between eminent domain powers and real property rights in China, including the evolution of the “public interest” element (which constitutes land-taking power). The second article discusses the current situation with respect to conflicts between land zoning power and land development rights.

Dr. Ye has researched extensively about property law and also has many years of experience with respect to this practice area. Dr. Ye has also published a number of relevant articles, and the above two articles were based on two chapters from her book “Conflict and Balance: The Power and Right in Land-Taking” (Amy Fang Ye, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2011), which was selected and awarded by the Shanghai Bar Association as one of its “2010 Publications of the Year.” The above two articles are now introduced to western readers in English.

LexisNexis is a world famous database which is accessed by many noted law schools, law firms, and legal departments of hi-tech corporations. It connects to about 4 billion documents, 11,439 databases and 36,000 sources and all data is updated daily. Because the copyrights of the above two articles are owned by LexisNexis, only the excerpts below may be reproduced. Interested readers may log onto LexisNexis to read the full version of the above two articles.