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AllBright successfully hosts “One Belt One Road Finance & Law Forum”


On September 8, 2016, AllBright Law Offices convened the “One Belt One Road Finance & Law Forum” in the grand meeting room of its headquarter situated in Shanghai Tower. This Forum was hosted by AllBright Law Offices and sponsored by the 2016 SORSA Think Tank series funding projects of the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association (“SORSA”).

This Forum was chaired by QIU Suo (Senior Partner of AllBright Law Offices and Deputy Director of Legal Branch of the SORSA) and invited Professor JI Weidong (Dean of KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Member of Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Justice of Davos World Economic Forum and President of Shanghai Law and Society Institute), and Mr. ZANG Guangling (Executive Vice President of the SORSA) as guest speakers. Associate Professor ZHANG Jihong of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (“UIBE”), Professor LI Jianyong of Law School of Shanghai University and WANG Qinghua (Senior Partner), ZHANG Ping and Gao Gehui of AllBright respectively made presentations.

Professor JI Weidong took the lead to give a speech as guest speaker. Starting from the change of Asian security policy from the end of WWII to date and the great transition of global structure, Professor JI explained the profound meaning of the “One Belt One Road” Strategy proposed by the Chinese government. Professor JI pointed out that, Chinese economy is gradually becoming the new driving force of the world economy while the world, especially the developed countries, show signs of recession. In this “One Belt One Road” Strategy proposed by the Chinese government, “One Belt” connects Eurasia while “One Road” attends to Asian-Pacific region. By upholding both “Eurasia Strategy” and “Asian-Pacific Strategy”, Chinese economy is casting influence over the world, which makes it almost a new “Marshall Plan” in the global recession. Professor JI also pointed out that from the view of legal professional, the development of financial industry raises higher requirement on law, in particular, countries covered by “One Belt One Road” Strategy vary from each other in terms of politics, culture and society, and various ideology and economic systems collide fiercely, which especially require lawyers to differentiate and prevent risks, resolve legal dispute and raise higher requirement on the professional knowledge and skill of lawyers. Professor JI gave great credit to the work made and results achieved by AllBright in the strategic background of “One Belt One Road” and he thought this not only gears to the great national strategic demand but also heads for the future development direction of law practices in Shanghai. Professor JI hopes Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University and AllBright Law Offices could further cooperation in the background of “One Belt One Road”, including joint development of think tank, conduct of “One Belt One Road” cases study and training of legal talents required for “One Belt One Road”. ZANG Guangling (Executive Vice President of SORSA) then gave a speech, appreciating Professor JI’s view on the financial risks and legal service demand in the implementation of “One Belt One Road”, and then from the history and historical responsibility of SORSA he expressed his requirement and expectation that graduates returned from abroad play a more important role in the “One Belt One Road” Strategy.

In this Forum, all guest speakers shared their respective study results and practical experience from their respective field. Associate Professor ZHANG Jihong from Law School of UIBE introduced the establishment, current status of investment, internal structure, external risk and coping strategy of the AIIB under the topic of the Study of Legal Issues of AIIB in the Background of “One Belt One Road”. Professor LI Jianyong of Law School of Shanghai University pointed out, under the topic of the Legal Conflict and Integration Issue of “One Belt One Road” (Investment) in View of Cross-culture, that different culture of the world (including legal culture) has its own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, we should get to know the legal culture of other countries through equal exchange and communication, respect the characteristics and differences of different legal cultures, seek common points while reserving difference, form common understanding, learn from each other and finally achieve common development. WANG Qinghua (S.J.D. and Senior Partner of AllBright) introduced the risks requiring attention of financial institutions during overseas acquisition, including political risks, economic risks, legal risks and natural risks under the topic of Legal Risks Requiring Attention of Financial Institution during Oversea Acquisition and their Countermeasures. With respect to the legal risks from the host countries, Wang advised to do prior investigation of the investment environment of the host countries and get familiar with the legal regulations of the host countries; with respect to the prevention of risks on the part of the enterprises, Wang advised to do preliminary due diligence, pay attention to the binding effect of the investment terms and take valid guarantee measures. ZHANG Ping (Senior Partner of AllBright) made a presentation that introduced the set pattern usually adopted by the counterparty in overseas transaction and the countermeasures to such pattern under the topic of I am not Teaching You to Cheat – On the Strategy and Technique of Chinese Lawyers in Overseas Negotiation. GAO Gehui (Senior Partner of AllBright) made a presentation that introduced the background of Japanese IP financing system innovation and the example of financing by IP commercial appraisal under the topic of Japan IP Commercial Evaluation and Banking Financing System Innovation.

Mr. WU Mingde (Managing Partner of AllBright) and ZHU Sidong (Senior Partner of AllBright) made summary speeches of this Forum, pointing out that be it oversea business or domestic business, be it M&A or other legal business, satisfaction of clients would always be the purpose of AllBright attorneys’ services, only the continuous improvement of the professionalism of attorneys and the law firm could we find a place among the fierce competition of legal services. In the meantime, Mr. WU expected earnestly that attorneys and all special commissions of AllBright continue to enhance their professionalism and made contribution to the development of AllBright. In the end, Mr. WU congratulated on the successful convention of the Forum, appreciated the contribution made by the “One Belt One Road” Legal Service Center of AllBright and placed high hope on the same.

The Forum ended in the heated discussion and communication of the attending guests.